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The anxious feeling of something non-intelligence thats coming close to us as we got away from ourselves. Chilling tension of

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Finding Perspective, Finding Will (music “Finding Will” by Speakman Sound)

What do you think about on the train? A short music video containing 3D visuals experimenting with strange perspectives dreamed

2017 Film Festival, We ❤️


An astronaut through a black hole reaches an unknown planet. He comes in contact with an entity that is going

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The Optimist : Animated Short Film

Like if you liked it https://www.facebook.com/JohnMervinMovie Follorw if you wanna Follow https://twitter.com/Blendiculous In this Visual Poem of Contentment, a young

2015 Film Festival, We ❤️

Delta Ride Journey

Personal project created & directed by Vincent Ewald. An amazing experience through colorfull and graphical universes. www.motionwonders.com

2016 Film Festival, We ❤️

Themes & Variations

“Themes & Variations” by Ziye Liu more at www.ziyeliu.com ( Featured as the opening film of TED 2016 CONFERENCE )

2015 Film Festival, We ❤️

Becoming One

‘The increasing approximation of something more complex.’ Becoming One is a full CG-animated piece exploring the relationship between connectivity and

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Self-initiated project. | Headphones + Full Screen Recommended! | Design // Render // Animation // Direction: Vladislav Solovjov Music: Noisia

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Le Poinçonneur des Lilas

This is a project we did during the 3rd year at Supinfocom. We had about 3 months to do this

2013 Film Festival


GRADUATION PROJECT. Animation which shows typography evolution from paper to screen. The animation is divided in two parts. The first

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mergrim “Unending Chain feat. yuanyuan”

mergrim "Unending Chain feat. yuanyuan" from the album "Hyper Fleeting Vision" Music: mergrim Direction: Yasuhiro Kobari CG Design: Takeshi Naito

2013 Film Festival


Direction and Design - Tom Bunker & Nicos Livesey Lead Animators 2D and 3D - Blanca Martinez de Rituerto &

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Between Beasts (A short film by Jesper Eriksson)

Created by Jesper Eriksson. Inspired by the beautiful artwork Limbo by playdead. Contact contact@jeseriksson.com

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Celestial Dynamics

A journey across the stars and heavens through antiquated astronomical diagrams. I unearthed some dusty old scientific textbooks in my

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If you’ve ever seen a movie, you’ve seen opening titles of some kind. Opening credits have existed pretty much since

2014 Film Festival


Commissioned by Trapcode to showcase Mir. Made by POTEMKIN. POTEMKIN notes: "This low poly semi-epic child hood tribute space saga

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KYASMA // Radioactivity [Official Music Video]

Band: Kyasma [www.kyasma.com] Track : Radioactivity Cast // Main actor : Denis Carpentier  Squad : Thomas Demarez, Ronald Beurms,

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A short futuristic film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. This is our graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts.

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Retirement Plan (director’s cut)

My graduation project from Shenkar College of Design. The film tells the tale of an international intelligence agency who initiates

We ❤️


Information technology has become a ubiquitous presence. By visualizing the processes that underlie our interactions with this technology we can

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mon rêve

There is a kind of cult in the world, made of men and women of all social backgrounds, of all

2013 Film Festival


Megalomania perceives the city in total construction. The built environment is explored as a labyrinth of architecture that is either

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CHECK OU MY HOMEPAGE: www.extraweg.com Find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/extraweg a personal statement , i made this presentation for a

2013 Film Festival

Memory Tapes “Yes I Know”

from the forthcoming album PLAYER PIANO out July 4 in Europe, Something In Construction July 5 in US, Carpark July

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Seasons is a surreal motion graphics animation based on the changing seasons. Beginning with spring, the richly hued illustrations in

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5:48 – The Reality of Time

This is my graduation movie at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Germany and my interpretation of the Reality of

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by the courtesy of Plato Art Space (Plato College of higher education) ilhan koman hulda festival, a journey into art

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What if you watch a film and whenever you pause it, you face a painting? This idea inspired Reza Dolatabadi

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Conform Non Conform

Somersault Title Animation. Designed and Animated in After Effects.


Depuis 2013, nous mettons régulièrement en avant des vidéos et des coups de coeur, ainsi qu’une sélection annuelle pour participer au MOTION+ FILM FESTIVAL qui se déroule chaque fin d’année sur Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE.


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