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My hand exploration animations turned into a full edit, the incredible Mount Audio helped out with the music. The focus

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Volume Fields

A deep dive into proceduralism - A variety of visual experiments all driven by data rather than keyframes. My desire

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The anxious feeling of something non-intelligence thats coming close to us as we got away from ourselves. Chilling tension of

Artist Reel

Tendril Reel

A selection of our best, most recent work.

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不眠症 (Sleepless)

This is a short compilation of some dailies I did based on what's been through my head on a rather

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Crowd Sim 3

hothothot http://latelunch.tv

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Run2You (Crowd Sim 2)

My friend let me photoscan him. In return I made him immortal.

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Crowd Sim 1

My friend let me photoscan him. In return I made him lord of the dance.

2017 Film Festival, We ❤️

2016 AICP Sponsor Reel – Dir Cut

Deluxe's Method Studios was tapped by production company RSA to concept and create this year’s AICP Sponsor Reel. The AICP

2016 Film Festival, We ❤️

Themes & Variations

“Themes & Variations” by Ziye Liu more at www.ziyeliu.com ( Featured as the opening film of TED 2016 CONFERENCE )

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Through a combination of powerful imagery and atmospheric pace Genesis dares us to fleetingly glimpse our own origins, our civilisation

We ❤️

Granularity (video edit)

I spilled some particles and vibrated some membranes in the process. Listen to the full track here : https://soundcloud.com/redhootoboemonger/granularity all

2015 Film Festival


Experimental project using Xbox One Kinect for motion data capture. Making of: https://vimeo.com/121436666 Gallery:http://www.asphyxia-project.com/gallery Official website here www.asphyxia-project.com/ Credits: Music

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De Planeta

De Planeta (latin for “about a planet”) is a short and stylised procedural animation that revolves around birth, life and

Artist Reel

Peter Tomaszewicz – Showreel

Peter Tomaszewicz is a 3D artist, motion graphics designer


Depuis 2013, nous mettons régulièrement en avant des vidéos et des coups de coeur, ainsi qu’une sélection annuelle pour participer au MOTION+ FILM FESTIVAL qui se déroule chaque fin d’année sur Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE.


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