Le Poinçonneur des Lilas


This is a project we did during the 3rd year at Supinfocom.
We had about 3 months to do this animation from start to finish.
I personally had a great time working with the two guys mentioned below.

Most of the work done with TVPaint + After Effects + C4D + Premiere.

Mehdi Aouichaoui

Mengjing Yang

Quentin Pointillart

English lyrics :

« I am the ticket puncher
Arts-et-Métiers direct by Levallois
I’ve had enough I’m sick of it
Of this cloaca
I’d like to play at being light-hearted
Leave my cap with the door man
A day will come I’m sure of it
Where I’ll be able to get away in nature
I’ll leave on the wide road
Whatever the cost
And if for me there’s no more time
I’ll leave feet first

I punch holes little holes still little holes
Little holes little holes always little holes

Its enough to make you nuts
Enough to take a gun
And punch yourself a hole, a little hole, a last little hole
A little hole, a little hole, a last little hole
And they’ll put me in a big hole
Where I’ll never again hear about holes never again a hole
Little holes little holes little holes »


Depuis 2013, nous mettons régulièrement en avant des vidéos et des coups de coeur, ainsi qu’une sélection annuelle pour participer au MOTION+ FILM FESTIVAL qui se déroule chaque fin d’année sur Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE.


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